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Health and Grooming Services for Movember

It’s late Movember (already?). It seems like the fall is going by fast. But we wanted to take a moment and talk about one area of men’s health that’s often thought of as an “extra:” personal appearance. We can’t give you a shave and a haircut, but you might be surprised how much “outer stuff” can be linked to your health.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a wise saying, but so is “Work what your Mama gave you.” And often, your body manifests health or illness through “outer” things like BMI, skin, and the ability or desire to take care of yourself.  

So, whether you’re taking care of your body as you get older, trying a new look, meeting new health goals, or shining up like a new penny for a spouse or a date, Men’s Best can help with that. And we think Movember is a great movement to lead the way. 

Here’s why.

What’s Movember?

If you don’t know what Movember is, ask a Millennial. They’ll at least know it’s a great excuse to grow a big mustache. You may even notice guys walking around with facial hair like your Dad had in the ‘70s or ‘90s. It’s all part of the fun, but it’s for a serious cause.

Movember started in 2003 in Australia as a movement to raise money and awareness about men’s health, especially prostate and testicular cancer, and has now become an international men’s health movement. 

The central question Movember asks is why men with access to good healthcare die early from preventable or treatable illness, both mental and physical. Here’s a Movember statement from the Prostate Cancer Foundation website: 

“When it comes to their health, too many men don’t talk, don’t take action, and die too young.” encourages men to grow a mustache during the month of November to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, including:

Men’s Health Movember Deals and Offers:


Health and personal grooming often go hand-in-hand. But the most critical issue on Movember’s agenda is cancer prevention and screening. That’s top on our agenda, too. We accept most insurances, and even without insurance, we keep all our services affordable.

Prostate exams (Non-invasive!)

Finally, a prostate exam you don’t have to dread. At Men’s Best, we pay attention to what helps men get to the doctor more frequently and to commit to regular care. An easy, blood test-based prostate exam is just one thing we offer because we know how absolutely crucial it is to a long life.

The statistics are startling. According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 9 men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetimes. Prostate cancer is currently the second most common cause of death for men in the United States, behind lung cancer.

Schedule your non-invasive prostate exam today.

Spot testing

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer

Now, we know our skin changes as we age. It wrinkles, roughens, and collects spots and moles. Some signs of age are worth celebrating: “I made it this far!” But it’s never a good idea to ignore or take lightly irregular, changing, oddly colored or suspicious skin spots and moles. They aren’t just “normal for your age.” Early biopsy of cancers such as melanoma and carcinoma can often provide early treatment.

Men’s Best offers testing and biopsy for skin spots and moles. We can also test for other skin issues, such as allergies.

Weight loss

Proper weight management carries a very long list of crucial health benefits, like: 

  • Higher life expectancy
  • Heart health
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Mental health
  • Healthy hormone levels
  • Healthy sexual function

Body mass index or BMI can be a good gauge of where you are, with a good score lying between 18.5 and 25. 

Conversely, of course, improper weight management (usually, in men, this means weight gain), entails very serious health risks, including loss of life, cardiac and pulmonary issues, cancer, liver disease, digestive issues, joint pain, back problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, low energy, low testosterone, and ED.

Life goes by fast. Fast food is tempting. Most of our work these days is sedentary. Men’s Best works hard to combat common issues to increase longevity, health, and performance. Measure your BMI (in fact, do it yourself right in our waiting room). Get help with a weight management plan. We also test for and treat weight-related issues, such as high BP, low T, ED, and diabetes.

Health screening

Our men’s health exam is an easy one-and-done. It covers these issues:

  • Blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • BMI assessment
  • Vision screening
  • Urinalysis*
  • EKG*
  • Health report card

For a limited time, we’re offering our health exam for $25!

*Starred items can be added to the $25 exam for an affordable additional cost.

Grooming & Personal Care

Hair loss 

Many factors can be the cause of hair loss, including age, hormonal changes, disease, and genetics. We’re familiar with the causes of men’s hair loss, and we also know it can be a sticky subject. But when you come to Men’s Best, nothing’s off the table. Hair loss is a matter of aesthetics and health. Services include:

Wart and tag removal

Testing of suspicious spots or tags for cancer is essential. But sometimes skin problems are simply annoying, unsightly, or get in the way of athletic performance. We can help you out with skin biopsy, allergy testing, and wart and tag removal.

Whether you’re going for a sleek, gym-toned physique or a perfectly healthy “Dad bod,” we can help you get where you need and want to be! We see patients quickly, affordably, and in a “guy-friendly” environment. Make your appointment online for zero wait time.

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