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Preventative Care

about Prevention

Why it matters

“I don’t have time. I’ve got a lot on my plate.”

“I’ll get to it when I get to it.”

“I’ve got others to think about. It’s not all about me.”

We hear you. If you’ve got concerns about the cost and time of preventative care, you’re just like millions of other busy, hard working guys. But here’s why preventative care is important, especially for you.

Preventative care isn’t selfish. Whatever sparked it for you — leading a work crew, loving a spouse, being a dad — you know that doing for others is a fact of a life lived well. Preventative health care is part of that creed. It’s not all about you. It’s mostly about others. When you do the small things to take care of your year-round health, you’re able to be there for those who need you.

There IS time for what’s important. If you’re a walk-in at a Men’s Best clinic, you’ve only got a short wait time. If you make an appointment online, there’s no wait time. We get you in and get you out.

We want to make important things simple to do. When you:

  • Take care of yourself with annual checkups,
  • Stay healthy and safe when you travel, AND
  • Prevent the spread of disease at work, home, or in public,

You’re doing your part to make sure your loved ones have you around for a long time. You’re also protecting those around you from common, preventable diseases. This is espeically important for those with weaker immune systems, like young children and the elderly.

What does it include? Our preventative health care services include regular physicals, immunizations, and travel prep. And we’re within network for most insurance providers.

It’s your job to take care of others. It’s your job to take care of yourself. Let us help you get the job done.

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Preventative Care

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